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Frequently Asked Questions

Texas Trees - Plug 'N Play

What is Entrepreneurs For North Texas (EFNT)?
Entrepreneurs For North Texas is a program of Communities Foundation of Texas that helps companies serve as good corporate citizens by facilitating their community involvement and philanthropy in a way that's good for their business. 

Who can join EFNT?
Both private and public companies can join at any stage.

How does a company get involved?
A company can join by donating* an annual cash membership, opening a donor-advised fund, or pledging the value of a percentage of stock at the time of a liquidity event.

*Any tax advice regarding a donation should be obtained from a tax advisor.

If a company wants to join through an annual cash membership, how much does it cost?
A company can join the network for a nominal amount and enjoy benefits including the opportunity to sign up for network-wide "Plug 'N Play" community service days, assistance in developing customized service days, access to policies and procedures and invitations to exclusive networking events throughout the year. 

Number of Employees                          Professional Service Providers**                            Product Based Companies

1 - 10 employees                                                  $ 2,000                                                                           $ 1,500

11 - 50 employees                                                $ 3,500                                                                           $ 3,000                

51 - 100 employees                                              $ 6,000                                                                           $ 5,000

100+ employees                                                       Varies                                                                             Varies

**EFNT defines Professional Service Providers as companies that offer a professional service to their client base, i.e. legal, financial, insurance, coaching, public relations, marketing, advertising, consultants, market research and human resources.

If a company wants to join by making a pledge of the value of its stock at the time of liquidity, how many shares, or what dollar value is required?
Although there is no minimum number of shares required, EFNT recommends that companies pledge between 1/8 to 1% of their shares so that, upon a liquidity event, the Member Company will have a meaningful amount to donate to charities of their choice. Until that event occurs, contribute a reduced annual membership fee of $500 and utilize the resources of EFNT and attend evetns throughout the year.

What are the benefits of membership?

Eliminate the need to set up a corporate foundation
Access to turn-key "Plug 'N Play" community service projects
Develop strategic Community Involvement (CI) plans
Receive personalized and immediate service
Invitations to networking events such as:

  1. Spirit of Entrepreneurship 
    This annual celebration highlights world-class entrepreneurs who have made outstanding contributions to communities locally and nationally.  They exemplify a commitment to corporate philanthropy and community involvement.  Inductees into EFNT's Ring of Entrepreneurs include: Herb Kelleher, Ray Hunt, T. Boone Pickens, Jim Keyes, Roger Staubach, Craig Hall, and Charles and Sam Wyly.
  2. Leaders & Legends Series 
    This unique semi-annual series provides an exclusive group of invited guests, all CEO’s of our Member Companies, the rare opportunity to meet with our guest "Legend" and hear his or her stories of challenges and successes. EFNT "Legends" have included T. Boone Pickens, Ray Hunt, Emmitt Smith, Roger Staubach, Sam Wyly, Phil Romano, Dr. Ken Cooper, Craig Hall, Mort Meyerson, Anousheh Ansari and Buzz Aldrin

Opportunities to Participate in Community Service Days with multiple companies

  • Plug ‘N Plays
    In addition to Freedom Day, EFNT hosts three other “off-the-shelf” service days that are open to all Member Company employees on a “first come, first serve” basis.  CLICK HERE FOR UPCOMING EVENTS 
  • Customized Community Service Days
    EFNT will work with your company to identify and develop community service projects and strategic partnerships with nonprofit organizations that align with your organizational priorities, professional resources and corporate image.  The process includes leadership development and team-building opportunities for your employees while making a positive impact on the community.

Make a positive impact on your community in a way that's good for your business!

Why join EFNT's network?
Joining EFNT gives companies a chance to give back to the community while enhancing a company's team building, recruiting, retention and morale.  It provides a virtual "staff" member who focuses on developing a corporate Community Involvement program.  Additionally, joining the Entrepreneurs For North Texas opens the door to the rapidly growing network of Entrepreneurs Foundations across the United States and in Israel that includes more than 300 companies and dozens of venture capital firms and professional service providers.

What other cities have EF affiliates?
Cities outside of Dallas, TX hosting EF affiliates include:  San Jose, CA; Austin, TX; Honolulu, HI; Concord, NH; Tel Aviv, Israel; Portland, OR; and Boulder, CO.