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Marketing / Communications

Award Opportunities

Recognizing your company and your corporate efforts are as important as the strategy and tactics of your CSR program. We encourage all companies to submit their community programs for these awards. Not only does it reiterate your own employees hard work it also helps to shine the spotlight on your corporate citizenship programs.


Annual Report

Annual reports are important to share with current and prospective employees, shareholders and other stakeholders . Whether a stand-alone corporate social responsiblity report or a report that is integrated into a company's financial annual report, more and more companies are finding value in publicly declaring their companies' commitment to the community.



Creative flyers and emails are a great way to promote employee activities.  Flyers should have three elements to them:  1) a description of the activity, 2) the community need this activity will help 3) instructions, including dates and deadlines.  The more fun and creative the activity announcements the better. 

Sample Resources:

Blood Drive

Envorinment Initiatives

Food Drive

Community Activity



In today's global marketplace, the web is the tool for communication. For most enterprises, the question isn't whether to post their community involvement strategies on the web, but rather where to post this important stakeholder information.


Press Releases

When building a comprehensive communications strategy for your company's community relations efforts, consider the role of press releases. Properly timed and finely crafted press releases can be an effective way of building brand, sharing outcomes, raising the bar and enriching partnerships.



Press Releases

Media Coverage

We encourage all companies to promote their corporate citizenship programs to the media. In addition to promoting the company with the general media, it showcases and details your company's activities as a corporate citizenship leader.



Media Coverage

Cause-Related Marketing

Companies with a consumer product can develop cause-related marketing campaigns that directly tie product sales to a donation to a charitable cause. Examples of corporate cause-related marketing campaigns are here as a resource.



Meaningful corporate citizenship requires identifying the core truth about what a company stands for, then integrating it into your brand so that people see, understand and relate to the connection between a company's head and heart. Integrating your socially responsible or environmentally beneficial program as part of your company's core competency is the most authentic and unique method for defining a memorable brand.


Signature Programs

A Signature Program is a community involvement or philanthropic effort that provides the corporation with branding opportunities and alignment to business goals. Typically Signature Programs are projects that are either events that provide marketing exposure for the company or ongoing programs that leverage corporate expertise, talent and resources.



Signature Programs

We encourage you to use the EFNT resources to design, implement and enhance your corporate citizenship programs. We also invite you to help us grow our knowledge bank by sharing your success stories so others may learn from your experiences and by sending us your ideas for additional resources.