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Employee Giving


Drives are employee giving events that have specific start and end dates and allow employees to give either cash or non-cash contributions to charitable organizations.  These contributions are often food, clothing, school supplies, blood or toys.  Holding a "Drive" can expose the entire organization to a significant community cause, rally teams in healthy competition, increase overall community benefit and be fun!


Donating Paid Time Off

Donating paid time off (PTO) is a great way to encourage employees to donate because it enables them to contribute without having to provide cash out of pocket. It is also a good way for a company to reduce its liability for having too much unused PTO on the books.  


Payroll Deductions

Looking for simplicity? There is no easier form of giving than offering employees an opportunity to approve payroll deductions for charitable giving! Through technologies and a variety of service methodologies, making a regular donation to a non-profit organization can be a quick and relatively easy solution to generating valuable resources for community benefit. 


Run & Walk Event Opportunities

Short distance athletic events such as walk-a-thons, run-a-thons, and bike-a-thons are popular and often effective fundraising tools for nonprofit organizations. Individuals or groups participate by collecting pledges, completing the event, and donating the funds raised to the designated charity or cause.


Workplace Fund Raising

Holding a fundraiser for a community-benefit organization is a great way to engage employees in that community organization's mission. Fundraisers can be creative and fun. Some examples include live or silent auctions, bake sales, car washes, raffles, and more.


We encourage you to use the EFNT resources to design, implement and enhance your corporate citizenship programs. We also invite you to help us grow our knowledge bank by sharing your success stories so others may learn from your experiences and by sending us your ideas for additional resources.