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Plug 'N Play at Minnie's Food Pantry

To promote corporate philanthropy, corporate citizenship, corporate social responsibility and community involvement, Entrepreneurs For North Texas (EFNT) shares our resources and tools with the public. EFNT developed these resources over the past 10 years -- from templates for matching gift programs to approaches to making in-kind donations. While these are valuable tools in and of themselves, they may require customization and tailoring to fit your company's needs.

To that end, EFNT has a substantial portfolio of services aimed at helping both private and public companies establish and optimize their corporate responsibility programs. Each company involved with EFNT benefits from customized strategies and step-wise programs that incorporate best practices. EFNT services are strategic, easy to implement and deliver results. Should you need additional tools we encourage you to see how we can aid in achieving your goals for your corporate citizenship programs.

We encourage you to use the EFNT resources to design, implement and enhance your corporate citizenship programs. We also invite you to help us grow our knowledge bank by sharing your success stories so others may learn from your experiences and by sending us your ideas for additional resources.