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Corporate Infrastructure

Job Descriptions & Roles

CEO's and senior managers play important roles to set the vision and purpose of an effective community involvement and philanthropy program. Additionally, many companies have designated employees to manage part or all of their company programs. Some of these employees are paid staff but in many cases these are employee volunteers. The following sample job descriptions provide a sense of the roles and responsibilities for those involved in the company's community involvement program, and the job descriptions for professional staff hired to run a company community relations program or foundation.


Community Involvement Mission Statements

To clearly articulate the perspective, viewpoint and purpose of a corporate philanthropy and community involvement program, it is highly recommended to create a community involvement mission statement. Additionally the mission statement demonstrates how the program ties in with their company's core values, and business mission and strategies. It is often placed on a company's website, Intranet, recruiting materials, employee handbook and more.


Volunteer Time Off Policies

Volunteer Time Off Policies formally support the volunteer interests of a corporation's employees while allowing for accurate tracking and measurement of outcomes of the company's employee volunteer program.


Employee Surveys

It is a best practice to survey employees regarding their social areas of interest and to gain their input into the design and implementation of a company's philanthropy and community involvement program. This enables employee buy-in and ownership of the program and likely increases employee participation in program offerings. Finally, employee community involvement surveys help to evaluate your community program to assist in planning for the future.


Program & Activity Evaluations

Tracking and evaluating philanthropic programs and community involvement activities are critical steps for measuring the effectiveness of a corporate program.  Evaluations also help determine the value of the programs to the business and to the community and whether the programs are meeting both corporate and social goals. 


Establishing Community Partnerships

Rather than spreading corporate resources and programs to many organizations, the establishment of a community partnership provides an opportunity for a company and a non-profit organization to create a longer term relationship.  Community partnerships are a great way to focus corporate resources and achieve maximum community benefit through continued dialog and engagement over a longer period of time.  Community partnerships also enable companies to meet corporate goals such as team building or marketing because community organizations are more likely to develop a reciprocal relationship with a company that's willing to partner.


Global Community Involvement

It's a global economy and most US-based companies have a global presence and a global employee base. A corporate philanthropy program ideally includes all corporate offices and allows for all employees, irrespective of location, to participate. Vetting global volunteer and giving opportunities can be tricky. Nonetheless, engaging as a global community is doable, and in fact, imperative. There are a few resources and links in this section but should you need specific support, contact EF.



Corporate Volunteering Standards

Civic Life is, in essence, the common thread of participation in and building of one's community.

This website helps communities examine civic life by providing information on the following elements of civic engagement: Service, Participating in a Group, Connecting to Information and Current Events, Social Connectedness, Political Action

We encourage you to use the EFNT resources to design, implement and enhance your corporate citizenship programs. We also invite you to help us grow our knowledge bank by sharing your success stories so others may learn from your experiences and by sending us your ideas for additional resources.